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  1. I Will Never Laugh At The Pain Body

    10/04/09 08:43:11 | 0 Comments

    Without The Pain Body, there is no meaning and no morality and no love and no compassion and we might as well regress to single-celled organisms. The other day, I looked up Eckhart Tolle just to confirm what I was remembering about The Pain Body and I found a YouTube Video. With his strange Brit/Germanic/Canadian accent, he joked about The Pain Body. Cynical. Is it enlightened to be cynical?

    What I'm seeing at Integral right now is that...
  2. Trauma Reaction

    10/01/09 20:36:06 | 0 Comments

    I read an email from H- (the woman who gave birth to me) the other day and she said that she's coming to visit in October because we have to talk. Ever since then, my Body has been acting as if it is going to die. I have developed a headache that won't go away and - well, lets just say I can't be very far away from a toilet for very long. The ulcer feeling in my gut is churning. I'm unable to sleep at night and unable to stay awake during...
  3. Watchers

    10/01/09 09:22:44 | 1 Comments

    In order to do the seemingly simple work of developing a Morning Routine, I did absurd amounts of research into Elementals and The Watchers. I get what Elementals are, but I am still uncertain about The Watchers. Hopefully, I am uncertain. If I know all there is to know, then I will not be able to reconcile Magical Studies with my previous commitments to Evolution and Integrity.

    Hopefully, I will elaborate later.

    Tonight I have...
  4. Morning Routine!

    09/15/09 15:30:58 | 0 Comments

    Yes! I did it!

    I found a good framework that gets me moving and ready to get dressed and really work by 8:00. This is huge. Here is what I did:

    Awaken Arise and turn off the alarm Put on glasses Put on bathrobe Open...
  5. Morning Routine?

    09/15/09 06:57:38 | 0 Comments

    I want a morning routine. I think. Now that I'm alone, I can design my time any way I want. I did this years ago, and I LOVED it.

    I still couldn't sleep last night very well, so I went back to bed after the alarm went off at 6:30am. But I want to get up at 6:30 every day. Excuse me, someone wants to get up at 6:30. Some part of me. I'm not really sure who it is. It could be my Pusher....
  6. Earthquake

    09/14/09 18:11:03 | 0 Comments

    We had a pretty sweet 3.4 earthquake last night after 9. Some good shaking. I just looked it up on the USGS Website and filled out a report form. Ever done that? It's fun. I like making amusing comments at the end. Like, "was hoping it would realign my door-jamb, but it didn't."
  7. Shamanism

    09/14/09 07:03:04 | 0 Comments

    I think I want this:

    Munay Ki Part 1

    Munay Ki Part 2

  8. Barking Dogs

    09/13/09 08:15:50 | 0 Comments

    I have a neighbor who keeps a barking dog. It's not 24/7 - THANK GOD AND GODDESS! - but easily could be.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the world in a way that is not as a Victim. For example: I've recently figured out that adult human relationships use an economy of exchange. That if there...
  9. The New Feminine Power

    09/03/09 01:33:22 | 0 Comments

    I just listened to an audio by two women who will be on the next "The Great Integral Awakening" broadcast. Together, they have a thing called, "The New Feminine Power" and, along with "TGIA" it's one of the things emerging out of the foaming brew of Integral and Enlighten Next and other such movements.

    This audio is about 2 hours long:

  10. Synthesis at Last

    09/02/09 10:16:25 | 0 Comments

    I lost an entire post today because I missed a keystroke. So, I'm not using the textbox from Yuku anymore. I'm using Notepad and I'll copy/paste from here - just like I do for twitter. Fuck that disappearing act bullshit. I'm sick to death of it. I'll also cut my nails so as to hit the keys straighter, but I'm too full of something to say to do that right now.

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    thanx for your welcome! I am sorry you are having memory problems. I don't think my computer is slow, but I have dial-up and that is slow up here in the hills. I guess I need to put a picture of me--but don't know how. I guess I can ask my daughters. I like your picture.

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